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DMP Virtual Keypad Version 5.5 for Apple and Android Now Available

Virtual Keypad™ Version 5.5 Offers Apple Pay for OnDemand™ Monitoring & More

July 12, 2017

Customers Can Now Buy Monitoring Quickly with Apple Pay!
New Apple & Android Update:

The updated DMP Virtual Keypad App contains more features for mobile devices with the Version 5.5 software update on Apple and Android.

Users can now take advantage of Apple Pay in OnDemand™ Monitoring in the app! iPhone users will see this option available when they add their credit card through the app. Remember that users will only see the Monitoring tab if you have activated OnDemand Monitoring for your company and for this customer on their account in the Dealer Admin Site.

In the app, customers now have the ability to add additional app users from the user section. Users can choose to either Create a New Login or Use Existing Login. Once the app user has been created, his or her email shows up on the user screen.

Users also now have the ability to Instant Arm their system using the app! Users must have Version 171 firmware. Press and hold the appropriate arming option to arm the system instantly.

The Virtual Keypad App now supports Sunrise/Sunset Schedules. Sunrise/Sunset Schedules use a panel’s zip code to stay synced with sunrise and sunset times throughout the year. You can use the Virtual Keypad App to add this feature to Favorite and Output schedules on XT30/XT50 and XTLplus Series panels, as well as Time schedules on XR150/XR550 Series panels.

Additional features:

  • With Version 5.5 camera snapshot widget, users can now view snapshots from their security cameras by swiping down from the top of their screen.
  • 3D touch allows users with an iPhone 6S or newer device to select up to four screens of their choice to go to from the iPhone home screen. 3D touch setup is now available in the Settings section for users with only one system.
  • Z-Wave Locks can now have user codes sent to them on systems with Version 171 firmware.
  • For panels with Version 171 or higher firmware, new arming actions are available based on the user’s system arming type. This feature is only available for XT30/XT50 and XTLplus Series panels with a Home/Away, Home/Sleep/Away, or All/Perimeter system arming types.
  • For systems with Traffic Count enabled, users can now turn off the push notification they receive when they arm their system.

To learn more about the Version 5.5 Update, watch this video:

For more information on the new functionality, please view the complete Technical Update, TU-0900.

These new features build on the already powerful capabilities of the app, including:

  • System arming/disarming
  • System and panel status
  • Z-wave automation of thermostats, light, and locks
  • Favorites, which enable control of multiple Z-wave devices with a single touch
  • Rooms, a feature that allows users to take a picture of an area and add hotspot control of Z-Wave devices
  • Real-time local weather
  • View live video from cameras
  • User-code management (add, delete, or edit users)
  • Schedules: View, add, edit, and delete system schedules for arming/disarming, favorites (includes Z-Wave®), outputs, and doors.
  • Faulted Zones: When the system is being armed, the App alerts the user to any faulted zones and allows them to be force-armed, bypassed, or the arming process to be stopped so that any problems with the zone can be corrected.
  • False-Alarm Reduction. When receiving a burglary alarm Push Notification, “Is This A False Alarm?” is displayed, allowing the user to confirm or cancel the alarm by tapping "Real Alarm" versus "False Alarm" on the screen.
  • Enhanced Video Verification: If cameras are on the system, users can click on the Alarm Push Notification and open the App to view a list of available camera views, giving them the ability to verify the alarm based on the video clips and live thumbnails.
  • Door Control & Lockdown: Lock and unlock doors, and initiate lockdown for all public doors and Z-Wave locks (XR150/XR550 systems).
  • Rooms with a View: Allow users to watch real-time device activation when clicking on hotspots embedded in the associated video stream.
  • Camera Settings: Record on motion & alarm, flip image, and motion detection regions.
  • Customizable Home Screen tab to keep frequently used favorites and cameras easily accessible.
  • Compatible with the Apple Watch on iOS systems.

Access all app features through an elegant, intuitive interface.

Explore the Virtual Keypad App’s features and functions with any of these resources:

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