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Introducing Dealer Admin Version 2.4 with Weather, Auditing, Custom Reporting and Analytics

Please read this important Feature Update:

  • Dealer Admin Site (, Version 2.4 TU-0969

Effective April 5, 2018, the Dealer Admin site ( is updated to Version 2.4. The following features are available.Features:

  • Weather on the Customer Systems Map: With Dealer Admin Version 2.4, you now have the option to display various weather activity on the Customer Systems Map.
  • System and User Auditing: You can now audit a log of all user actions made to systems using Dealer Admin, the Tech APP™,, and the Virtual Keypad App. This new feature allows you to keep records of changes made to systems.
  • Reporting and Analytics: You can now pull reports on almost any information that’s stored in Dealer Admin. For instance, you can generate a report that identifies customers with the Virtual Keypad app who have systems with — and without — Z-Wave devices or cameras. All of this information can be exported and saved as an Excel, CSV or PDF file, along with your customers’ e-mail addresses and contact information. When you’re ready to focus on upselling opportunities, account upgrades and more, the Reporting feature is a definite time saver. You also can view analytics in a live dashboard that creates graphs and charts, allowing you to see your customers, systems, app users and more. Use this valuable information for sales reports, marketing data or whatever you need.

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