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PowerCom Fire — Never Resubmit Battery Calculations Again

When you're upgrading to LTE on an existing fire system, here's the solution you've been asking for.

Forget about having to go to the Fire Marshall to resubmit power calculations. Instead, you’ve now got everything you need in a self-powered packaged solution with a regulated, power limited, switching power supply that meets UL, CSFM, NFPA, FCC and FDNY compliance standards.

DMP’s new PowerCom LTE Fire Communicator is designed with its own power supply, so whether your customers use AT&T’s or Verizon’s LTE network, this communicator has all the power it needs without drawing from the panel.

Better yet, because DMP believes the most efficient method of communication is directly from the panel to the central station and not through a NOC first, we provide free supervised network communication to the monitoring center.

When you order the new PowerCom LTE Fire Communicator, it comes pre-assembled in a single red enclosure, making this an ideal way to easily upgrade existing fire panels. It’s also a great way to replace older, more expensive communications options.

For specifics, please review the PowerCom Installation Sheet linked below, and for pricing information, please log in to

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