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New Lower Price on XTLplus™ Panels & Packages

Save Up to 13% on Your Next Order

It’s been named an industry award winner, but more importantly, the XTLplus continues to serve DMP authorized dealers and earn its status as an industry MVP. Now, all DMP dealers can continue to rely on the XTLplus for less!

“Effective today, we’re thrilled to announce a price reduction on all XTLplus panels and packages,” says Mark Hillenburg, vice president of Marketing. “Depending on your dealer level, you can take advantage of all that the XTLplus has to offer and save up to 13%.”

The XTLplus wireless burglary control panel continues to set a standard for fast installation, reliable security and ease of operation. As you know, it delivers the high-level security features that DMP is known for, but it’s also designed for residential customers with a user interface that’s straightforward and simple to install and use.

All in a single small footprint, the XTLplus delivers 99 zones of 900 MHz Two-Way Wireless, dual communication with cellular AND Wi-Fi, as well as Z-Wave capabilities. The distributed wireless system makes it difficult for intruders to disable the system, and the flexibility of a core location maximizes its performance.

Plus, the XTLplus gives customers the ultimate convenience and power of mobile control via the Virtual Keypad™ app and Geofencing, multi-system management, Favorites and many more features earn XTLplus’ winning status among dealers everywhere.

“Your customers expect the benefit of flexibility, and above all, they want the best performance and value,” Hillenburg says. “We’re pleased to offer the XTLplus, known for excellent performance at a competitive value, now at an even lower price.”

With the addition of the XTL Network panel released last week, now you can choose from four

  • XTLplus models:XTL+N (hardwired network connection)
  • XTL+Z (Z-Wave on board)
  • XTL+W (Wi-Fi on board)
  • XTL+WZ (Z-Wave and Wi-Fi on board)

To add cellular:

  • 265LTE-V or 265LTE-A Cellular Communicator

XTLplus Features:

  • 99 two-way, 900 MHz wireless zones
  • Dual communication includes cellular & Wi-Fi
  • Supports up to eight two-way wireless key fobs or outputs
  • 200-event memory
  • 99 user codes with authority level
  • Six areas
  • Supports up to 140 Z-Wave devices
  • XTLplus Fast Programming
  • Compatible with the 9800 Series Wireless Touchscreen Keypad

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