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DMP has released the following Technical Update for all Remote Link software, with Version 2.12.

Effective June 22nd, 2021, all Remote Link software will be manufactured with Version 2.12.

Panel Version 212 Support

  • Remote Link 2.12 now supports XR, XT, and Com Series firmware Version 212.


1100T Supervision Value Improvement

  • XR Series panels now send the correct supervision value to the receiver when 24 hours is the selected supervision time.

1100T Remote Deletion Improvement

  • If an 1100T was deleted in Version 2.11, the user would be unable to program a device of the same type at that address. Version 2.12 enables users to delete and then quickly add devices back to the same address.

Com Series System Reports

  • The Send Stored Messages feature is now available in System Reports for compatible Com Series Universal Communicators.

Legacy Remote Link Versions and 1100T Competitor Wireless Zones

  • Using legacy versions of Remote Link to manage 1100T zones could disorder existing programming in competitor wireless zones. This issue has been fixed in Version 2.12. Although competitor wireless zones can be programmed with legacy versions of Remote Link, official support released in Remote Link Version 2.11, which is still the minimum effective version for programming the 1100T.

User Interface Improvements

  • In Device Setup, display of the device type may have briefly displayed an incorrect device type when loading, particularly for 1100T devices. This display issue never affected panel programming and is fixed in this version.
In Zone Information > Wireless / VPlex, the competitor wireless programming section name has been changed from DMP Wireless - Unknown Device to DMP Wireless - Competitor Wireless.

In Select Accounts > Account Access, interaction with form elements like checkboxes may have been inhibited and incorrect values may have been displayed at times. These issues are fixed with Version 2.12.

Obtaining the New Software

Download the most recent version of Remote Link for free from DMP’s Product Software Downloads.

ATTENTION: The Software Downloads link above will take you back to the legacy DMP website for downloading Remote Link. You will need to be logged into the old DMP website with the same login and password that you used before. It may tell you “Permission Denied,” which means you need to log into the legacy website. If problems accessing the Remote Link download continue, contact DMP Tech Support. This process is temporary, as we get the new download home to Remote Link prepared. Future versions of Remote Link will be downloaded using your Dealer Admin Login from a Dealer Admin tab. This will be available a little later this summer.

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