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Upgrade Your Doorbell With New 1108 Doorbell Module

The 1108 Wireless Doorbell Module monitors standard doorbell or Video Doorbell button presses and includes them as a part of your alarm system. Here’s how it works: When someone rings the doorbell with an 1108 installed, the unit senses the button press and sends a wireless signal to the panel. The panel then can trigger keypads or any connected 1136 Wireless Remote Chime to sound; it can also create other triggers to activate within the system. With the 1108 installed, you can add additional doorbell sounders wherever your customer may need them.

There are all kinds of spaces and scenarios in which it can be hard to hear your doorbell. Imagine you’re a small business owner working in your back room or a homeowner out in your detached garage. The new 1108 Wireless Doorbell Module provides a solution for virtually any environment and doorbell.

XT Series Panel Version 192 and XR Series Panel Version 192 (Available Soon) will support the 1108 module. One of the new features in the update will grant you the ability to program a new doorbell zone type that supports the 1108 Wireless Doorbell Module. When the doorbell zone type is triggered, the Westminster chime will sound on Graphic Touchscreen Keypads (v110 and higher), Thinline Keypads (v306 and higher) and 1136 Wireless Remote Chimes. This new zone type also makes available countless Custom Actions for any doorbell through the Virtual Keypad app or browser. For example, you can create a Custom Action to have your porch light turn on for a designated time whenever your doorbell button is pressed by evening visitors. Download XT Series or XR Series firmware Version 192 to take full advantage of these new features.

No matter what doorbell your customer has installed – a Video Doorbell or traditional button – the 1108 can make it smarter. The 1108 module is compatible with any video or mechanical doorbell as long as it has a standard transformer or a 16-24 VAC wall transformer with either a mechanical chime or 10 Ohm resistor in the circuit.

The 1108 is intended to be wired between the mechanical chime or resistor and transformer, and its small housing can easily hide inside the existing doorbell housing. On top of that, the 1108 is powered off of the pre-existing doorbell wiring, so you’ll never have to change a battery.

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