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XR Series Now Supports Multiple Chime Tones  and More on Version 172

The XR150/XR550 Series Version 172 now supports multiple chimes. One of the primary purposes of a well designed life safety and security system is to provide people with critical information whether the system is armed or not. DMP has introduced yet another step to provide critical information at no additional cost.

Multiple door chime sounds lets people easily and quickly distinguish by different tones where and when a zone is opened. A couple of real life examples would be having the chime sound from the front door different from the sound from the back door. This feature has true security applications both residentially and commercially.

In Zone Information you can assign a Night or Exit zone one of three distinct tones, allowing end users to easily differentiate between chime-enabled zones.

"This exciting new feature is another way DMP is making our products more customizable for end users," said Mark Hillenburg, DMP Executive Director of Marketing. "Our hope is that these small details will make users more confident and provide real life safety features whether the system is armed or not."

Read more Information about multiple chimes on the DMP Blog here.

To learn more, view the complete Feature Update information below:

  • XR150/XR550 Series Control Panels, Version 172 (12/6/17) TU-0942

Effective January 15, 2018, all XR150/XR550 Series control panels will be manufactured with updated Version 172 (12/6/17) firmware. Updated units will begin shipping as current inventory is depleted. All inventory will be updated by mid February 2018.Features:

  • Multiple Chimes: In Zone Information you can assign a DB (doorbell), ASC (ascend), or DSC (descend) tone to a Night or Exit zone.
  • 1136 Remote Chime Support: With Version 172 (12/6/17), XR150/XR550 Series panels support the upcoming release of the 1136 Wireless Remote Chime.
  • Pet Immunity Option: This feature supports the upcoming release of the 1122 Wireless PIR Motion Detector. When you program an 1122 serial number into an XR150/XR550 Series panel, Pet Immunity displays in Zone Information. (shown in image above)
  • Suspended Cell Suppression for Testing: Now, after you reset an XR150/XR550 Series panel or exit the Programmer Menu, cell suppression will not occur for 30 minutes. This allows technicians a 30-minute window during which they can perform any necessary system testing.
  • Temporary Schedules: XR150/XR550 Series panels now offer Temporary schedules. This new type of schedule allows you to enter a Begin and End time, as well as a Start and End date.
  • Inactive User Audit Days: With Version 172 (12/6/17), Inactive User Audit Days has been moved from System Options to Profiles in panel programming. Now, you can choose to enable it on a per-profile basis.
  • Active/Inactive Users: Now, when you add or edit a user code through the User Menu, you have the option to make the user active or inactive.
  • Entré Reports: You can now enable which types of reports you would like to have sent to Entré.

Remote Link, Dealer Admin, and the Tech APP support Version 172 panels and the above listed features:

  • Remote Link Version 1.81 (12/14/17), TU-0941
  • Dealer Admin Site Version 1.7.3, TU-0946
  • Tech APP Version 1.4.3, TU-0949

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