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XR150/XR550 Programming Now Available on the DMP Dealer Admin Site

September 22, 2017

The DMP XR150/XR550 Series Control Panels are now programmable using the Dealer Admin Site ( The programming features include:

  • Communication
  • Messaging Setup
  • Remote Options
  • System Options
  • Output Information
  • Output Groups
  • Area Information
  • Key Fobs
  • Network Options
  • Device Setup/734
  • System Reports
  • Bell Options
  • Output Options
  • Status List Display
  • Zone Information
  • Lockout Code

Please read more about this important Feature Update:

  • Dealer Admin Site (, Version 1.7.0 (9/21/17) TU-0914

Effective September 21, 2017, the Dealer Admin Site ( is updated to Version 1.7.0 (9/21/17). As of Version 1.7.0 (9/21/17), the following features are now available.


  • XR150/XR550 Programming: Version 1.7.0 allows dealers to program an XR150/XR550 Series control panel remotely from the Dealer Admin Site ( by selecting Full Programming in the side menu. When a section within the Full Programming menu is clicked, the section opens to the programming options available on the XR150/XR550 Series panel.
    • Retrieve and Send Programming: The programming page displays the last programming received from the panel. To confirm the most recent programming is displayed, click Retrieve Programming. The page will automatically populate to the current panel programming. To send panel all panel programming to the system at one time, click Send Programming to System.
    • Tool Tips: Tool Tips provide more information about a particular field.
    • Communication Paths: In the Communication section, you have the option to program up to eight separate communication paths.
    • Lockout Code: For additional security, we have added the ability to set a Lockout Code. This code limits the ability to program the panel locally.
    • Device Setup and 734, 734N, 734N Wi-Fi Programming: Device Setup allows you to fully program door, fire, keypad, and zone expander devices. In addition, you are now able to program 734, 734N, and 734N-Wi-Fi modules that are connected to your XR150/XR550 panels.
    • Initial Connection Attempt: The Initial Connection Attempt interface for all panels has been redesigned to provide more useful information about the failed and the successful connection attempts during the initial connection process.
    • Current Software Version Number and Date Code: You are now able to see the current software version number and the software release date of a panel. Access this information by clicking System Information in the side menu.
    • Automation Information: Automation allows you to view or refresh the information about your Favorites and Z-Wave devices. This option is now available for XR150/XR550 panels.
    • Print Programming: You have the ability to print a hard copy of the panel’s programming by accessing Print Programming in the side menu. Use your browser’s printing options to print the programming information.

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