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XV-24 How-To:

Bring Smart Analytics to Outdoor Cameras

The following is a step-by-step guide for how to create multiple detection zones with different programming for cameras added to your XV-24 device. This guide assumes all cameras have been installed and successfully added to the XV-24.

This guide uses the following common use-case as an example:

Use-Case: Large area you want to protect and deter trespassers from entering.

For example, you have a customer with a large outdoor loading dock surrounded by a fence. You would like two zones:

One zone on the exterior of the fence that warns intruders if they get too close by turning on lights connected to a panel output.

A second zone on the inside of the fence that alerts the authorities if the intruder trespasses by tripping a panel alarm.

Lets get started!

Defining Detection Regions in Dealer Admin

1. Navigate to "Edit Camera" page
a. In Dealer Admin, select the system you want to edit.
b. From the System Information page select the camera listed within the Video section that you want to add detection regions to.

2. Create Detection Region
a. From the Edit Camera page click on the “Add Region” button.

b. Name the region - we recommend naming the region using the following:
[Camera] - [Description] e.g. “Shipping Area - Warning”, “Shipping Area - Trespass”.
c. Select detection types - people, animals, vehicles.
d. Define if Display Region should be on or off - determines if configured region will be displayed in
event preview.
e. Configure display region to highlight desired area.

3. Add an Alarm Zone
a. After you have drawn the desired detection region, click the “Add Alarm Zone” button.

b. Zone Name - we recommend using the same name as the region name.
c. Zone Number - edit if needed and make note of the zone number.
d. Area - select the area this region should be tied to.

Note: All regions are assigned as a Night Zone by default. To edit this you must change the zone in Programming. Refer to step 5.

4. Repeat for each Detection Region
a. Add additional detection regions by clicking the “Add Region” button. You can have up to four detection regions per camera.

b. Steps 2b - 2d were repeated below to create a second zone shown in red. This zone will trip an alarm when a person or vehicle is detected while the system is armed.

c. Make note of the zone numbers assigned to each region and click “Save” in the upper right.

5. Edit Zone Programming - all zones are assigned as a Night Zone by default.
a. To edit the Zone Programming, navigate to the Programming page located on the right-side navigation menu. Then click “Zone Information” on the left-side navigation menu. Select the zone you want to edit.

b. navigate down to “Actions” at the bottom of the page and expand the menu.

c. Change the “Armed Open Message” and “Armed Short Message” to none; making it so that no alarm is tripped when a person or vehicle enters the warning zone.
d. Enter the desired Output Option for “Armed Short Output”. In the use-case example Output “006” turns on outdoor lights.

e. Navigate to the top of the screen and click “Send All Changes” to send all changes to the panel.

6. Repeat for each zone that you want to behave differently than the default Night Zone type.

For the use-case our set up is complete. The system has now been configured so that when the area “Loading Dock - Exterior” is armed:

  • Any person or vehicle in the blue detection zone will turn on warning lights.
  • Any person or vehicle in the red detection zone will trip an alarm.

When the area “Loading Dock- Exterior” is unarmed all activity is ignored.

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