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XR Panel Update Delivers Multiple Enhancements

Also Adds Support for Two New Wireless Devices

When it comes to installing access control, compatibility with multiple custom card formats is a must so you can easily use the format your customers have already deployed to their employees without replacing existing cards. Earlier this year, you may recall that we introduced multi-card formats to support up to seven concurrent card formats in addition to the DMP card format. Now, with the XR Version 192 (8/7/19) update, you’re no longer required to have a DMP card format —you have the flexibility to use all eight, further expanding your compatibility with what your customers are using.

If a card is presented and there’s a matching programmed card format, the card is processed in that programmed format. If there isn’t a matching card format, it’s processed in the DMP format. Once the card formats are set up, that data is copied and can be remotely sent to each 734 interface module or keypad.

Integrator Connection

With Version 192, now third-party integrators have a dedicated connection to the XR system. This separate integrator connection eliminates tying up a port and possibly causing interference with other systems. For instance, Remote Link™ can connect while Entre'™ software is connected while having an integration with OpenEye® or Lenel® or another third-party integration.

Additional XR Version 192 Features:

  • 1168 Wireless Smoke/CO/Low Temp Combo Detector Support Now XR Series panels fully support this new wireless device, giving your customers three types of protection in one device. Click here to learn more about the 1168.

1108 Wireless Doorbell Module Support — This wireless device monitors standard doorbell or Video Doorbell button presses and includes them as a part of your alarm system. With the 1108, you can transform any doorbell into a smart doorbell. Click here for more details on the 1108.

  • New Doorbell (DB) Zone Type in Zone Information With this new zone type, the alarm system can function as a doorbell sounder throughout an entire house. It's intended for use with zones that are assigned to doorbells using the new 1108 Wireless Doorbell Module or any zone using an old fashioned doorbell button. When using the 1108 with a standard doorbell chime or a DB type zone with a button, your customers have the ability to hear their doorbells throughout their houses or small businesses and not miss important visitors or deliveries at their doors.

Zone Monitor Output — As you may know, this is an ideal feature for monitoring door zones with a chime at the keypad when someone comes in or goes out. With Version 192, you can assign the zone monitor to trigger other wired or wireless outputs as well, such as a sounder in the back office. You also have the option of turning zone monitoring off so it won’t trigger the output.

To take advantage of Version 192 (8/7/19) features, you’ll need Dealer Admin Version 2.26 software update. For firmware details, please review TU-1100. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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