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Why DMP?

The future of alarm systems, available today.

Virtual Keypad makes it easy to check your cameras and verify an alarm. If you're unavailable, your monitoring center's trained operators can work quickly on your behalf through video verification.

When you're using video cameras in your home or business, rest assured, there are a variety of ways to ensure your privacy. For instance, monitoring center video verification only allows access to your systems' cameras if your system is in alarm.

Featured Product

Video Verification

Video Verification gives users the power to quickly confirm a valid reason to dispatch emergency responders or cancel false alarms, which can be costly. In an alarm situation, users receive a real-time alarm notification via Virtual Keypad on their mobile devices. Clicking on the Alarm Push Notification opens the app and allows users to immediately access live and pre-alarm video clips and either cancel or verify the alarm directly from the app screen.

Real Events. Real Time. Real Response.

Turn Existing Cameras Into Smart Motion Detectors

Gone are the days of your customers receiving erroneous alerts or watching a crime after it occurs. The XV Gateways with AlarmVision use video analytics to trigger an alarm into XR panels. Instead of alerts about leaves, shadows and light, receive notifications about people, vehicles or animals. Give your customers the power to trigger real alarms during critical events.

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