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Life Safety is What They Want After All - The 1100T Wireless Translator is the industry's only wireless translator listed and approved for life safety. | Current Technical Support Hold Time is .

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Your customers’ wireless systems can now provide added protection against the threat of carbon monoxide (CO). With this update, the 1135 Wireless Siren can be programmed to annunciate CO alarms with a distinct Temporal 4 cadence to warn individuals on the premises of the potentially life-threatening situation.

Fire alarms typically use Temporal 3 cadence, but in the event that a customer’s carbon monoxide detector goes into alarm, the 1135 siren alerts occupants with a different annunciation pattern so they can more easily identify the emergency.

This update brings the 1135 siren into compliance with changes to ANSI/UL 985 Household Fire Warning System.

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