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Tired of Wasting Time on Takeovers and Upgrades?

Version 212 Adds Multiple Tools to Make Every Installation Easier and Faster

With Version 212 for DMP’s Com Series, you and your technicians have new options to simplify takeovers and upgrades. Now, for instance, you can take advantage of DMP’s EasyConnect AP to quickly configure Wi-Fi settings.

EasyConnect AP
When programming communicators with Wi-Fi, now your technicians can use their smartphones, tablets or laptops. Rather than having to use a keypad to manually configure Wi-Fi settings, now they can take advantage of the intuitive interface to more easily complete the process.

With nothing more than a mobile device, now EasyConnect AP means much less time with fewer steps to connect to Wi-Fi. Simply navigate to the Wi-Fi settings and choose from the list of available SSIDs. And, instead of choosing the correct Wi-Fi network, now the new button labeled WPS automatically completes the connection.

Remote Run ECP/DSC Setup
Vista and DSC takeovers can take more time if technicians aren’t used to programming those panels. With this update, your technicians can have zero experience but the setup will be easy and fast.

Rather than having to use a keypad connected onsite to complete the ECP and DSC setup, now it can be done remotely with Dealer Admin and Tech APP. You also have the ability to perform the Get Zones option remotely. All your technician needs is the installer code; otherwise, the setup is done remotely, taking much less time at installation.

ECP Partition Number Selection
Version 212 also includes a new programming option providing greater flexibility with Honeywell Vista panels that have combined intrusion and fire. Previously, our communicators were only able to manage the first partition programmed into the host panel. Now you can choose which partition the communicator can control. When the host panel is armed or disarmed via the communicator, only the partition where the communicator is located will be armed or disarmed.

Supporting Software Updates:

For more details about the Com Series firmware, please review the update linked below. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Technical Support at 888-436-7832 or at

DMP Training Center: ComSeries Firmware Version 212

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