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July 13, 2011

Show.Tell. Sell MyAccess™. Now any salesperson or service personnel with any type of cell phone can demonstrate howthe DMP MyAccess works. Simply use the free DMP Demo Service available today at your finger tips!

The DMP MyAccess lets your customers send many of the most common system commands to their residential or commercial

systems. They can also choose to have alerts sent to them each time there’s an arm/disarm, an alarm, or other selected events.

You don’t have to ask your customers to imagine how easy and convenient MyAccess is, because you can give them a first-hand demonstration with the MyAccess Demo. Text your command to 544-401-4555, and within seconds you will get a confirmation response text from the “Smith’s” alarm system. Save this phone number as a contact on your phone named "MyAccess Demo" and have it at your finger tips any time you need to Show. Tell. or Sell MyAccess.

Available commands include:

  • Help: Get a list of available text commands
  • Arm / Disarm
  • Home / Sleep / Away: Arm a residential panel using one of three armed statuses
  • Momentary: Text “mom”, then a space and an output number to activate a momentary contact (entry range = 1 to 6, 450 to 474, 480 to 499, 500 to 999), e.g. “mom 1”
  • On / Off: Type the command “ON” or “OFF”, then a space, then the output name or number to activate the output.
  • Status: Get a status report from the panel, e.g. “Ready
  • DEMO option only - Alarm: Text “alarm” to the demo panel and the system will respond with a simulated alarm alert message.

Your customers will love the simple convenience delivered by MyAccess. You will love how simple it is to show them how MyAccess works. The MyAccess Demo is one more sales tool available from DMP.

If you have questions about the MyAccess Demo Panel, please contact the DMP Marketing Department.

Visit to place an order 24 hours a day.