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Other innovations displayed for retail, government and financial markets

Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) announced today that it will feature its XTL™ Wireless Security System in their booth at ASIS. The compact XTL installs faster than traditional (distributed) security systems available, while still providing all the security and most of the features of larger panels. Also in the booth will be a variety of other security innovations with features designed specifically for retail and other commercial applications.

"The XTL is a remarkable panel," said Mark NeSmith, Vice President of Sales, "Visitors to our booth will be amazed both by how fast and easy it is to install, and all of the features that it provides. But the XTL is only one of the DMP technologies that we'll have available. Attendees will be able to explore many other products with features and functions that are focused on the retail, government, and bank applications that are of special interest to ASIS visitors."

The installation speed of the XTL makes it a favorite with dealers because a single technician can quickly install a system and move on to their next appointment. System owners like the cellular communications capability that lets users receive alerts and send system commands via SMS text messages, and dealers enjoy the new source of dealer RMR.

Many DMP products at ASIS will be featured in solutions aimed at several markets and applications:

Retail Applications: Beyond just providing strong security, DMP panels provide a number of store management features. Managers can be alerted via text or email that the store opened late or closed early, and also opt to receive traffic count reports. The DMP In Touch™ Messaging Features also let them control their panel remotely via text message.

Government Applications: Every DMP product is designed and made in the USA, a strong selling point for city, state, and federal government installations. The XR500 Command Processor™ panel, used for high-security and UL2050 SCIF applications, incorporates the U.S. Gov­ernment-approved Advanced Encryption Standard (AES).

Banking Applications: Integrated solutions featuring the XR500 Panel can combine security, fire, and access. Features focused on financial installations include the Programmable Re-Arm Time feature that ensures foolproof arming, and the Early Morning Ambush feature that sends a SILENT AMBUSH message if a second code isn't entered.

Large Commercial Applications: The XR100/XR500 Panel easily handles even the most demanding intrusion, fire, and access control applications. Flexible, expandable, and upgradable, with a recent software upgrade that continues to add even more features to this reliable security workhorse.

Fire Communications: The XR500 Panel, equipped with the DMP 463G Digital Cellular Communicator used as the primary path without backup, is UL approved for commercial fire installations. The Fire Slave Input op­tion of the XR500 has also been approved under UL864, allowing it to become a Slave Communicator for any FACP. DMP now offers a complete Wireless solution for Commercial Fire Systems.

These and more innovations will be available for exploration in Booth 2613 at ASIS.

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