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April 18, 2014

On April 30th everything is going to change. You should be ready for the ALL NEW Virtual Keypad App 4.0 and the web browser.

When: On April 24th at 9 am CST & 4 pm CST, we will be holding Webinars introducing dealers to the Virtual Keypad App 4.0 for Apple® devices and Web Browser.

What: This webinar is for anyone who interfaces with customers using the app or ALL NEW web browser: Customer Service, Technicial and Management personnel.

Who: If you are currently a registered Virtual Keypad App Dealer who has customers using the App, someone from your company should attend this webinar to be prepare your organization to go live with the ALL NEW V 4.0 app and browser which will be Launching APRIL 30th. The browser can be used at no additional charge for any current Virtual Keypad App user.

How: Click Below to Register

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