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Digital Monitoring Products (DMP) announces that the Canadian versions of the XR100 and XR500 Command Processor Panels™ have earned

the ULC listing for combination Fire Communication and Commercial/Residential Burglary, for use with Network and Cellular communication paths – ULC S559-04 Equipment for Fire Signal Receiving Centers and Systems.

This new listing allows a separate Fire Alarm Control Panel (FACP) to use the XR100 and XR500 panel as the fire communicator and burglary devices. The panels communicate fire alarm, fire trouble, AC trouble, battery trouble, and ground fault for the FACP.

“The XR100/XR500 panels stand out for their communication capabilities,” said DMP Vice President of Sales, Mark NeSmith. “With the receipt of this ULC authorization, dealers in Canada can now use one panel for their FACP systems, which adds to the cost-effectiveness of DMP products in this application. The XR100/XR500 provides them with the ability to add up to eight communication paths to FACP systems, providing multiple layers of redundancy and increased confidence in panel-to-Central Station communication.”

DMP XR100/XR500 panels are reliable security performers used in a range of commercial applications. The panels can include any combination of Network, Cell, and Dial-Up communications. Cellular and Network communication can be used alone or together, with either serving as the primary or backup communication path.

The ULC certification applies to Canadian XR100 and XR500 panels (CAN suffix) in a Model 350 (large) cabinet enclosure.

XR500/XR100 panels with the revised ULC listing mark on their wire diagrams will be available from DMP manufacturing for shipment beginning Friday, October 7th.

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