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Entré NOC Adds Secure LDAP Integration

Entré NOC Adds Secure LDAP Integration

Giving Customers a Seamless User Management Solution
Plus Version 9.0 Adds Other New Features Benefiting All Entré Customers

When your Entré NOC customers need to add, edit or delete panel users or operators, they’ll never again have to make that change in more than one place. With this release, changes they make in their personnel management directory will automatically get pushed to their panels in Entré.

DMP announces Secure LDAP Directory integration with Entré NOC
This is available today for all Entré NOC customers, thanks to a new integration with Microsoft’s Active Directory and LDAP 3 directory services. Secure LDAP, which stands for Secure Lightweight Directory Access Protocol, provides the communication language that makes it possible for Entré to share compatibility with Active Directory and LDAP 3 directory services.

What does this mean for your Entré NOC customers?
When the HR directory is updated with a change, the Secure LDAP integration allows that update to be passed directly to Entré, which eliminates those keystrokes and potentially removes training requirements and concerns that a user may make changes they shouldn't.

When terminated employees are removed from HR directories, the Secure LDAP integration provides a time saver by removing access rights, which gives your customers greater security. They can have peace of mind knowing that Entré is automatically updated across all their systems and locations. There’s no possibility those employees still have access because their records haven’t been updated in both places.

Other features in Version 9.0 release:

  • Add Multiple Panels Simultaneously — Multiple licensed operators can now add panels to Entré at the same time. There’s no need to wait while another panel is being added.
  • Change Zone Type — Area zones can be changed to 24-hour zones and vice versa. This provides greater flexibility with panel programming.
  • Faster Driver Startup — Improvements have been made to the Entré driver. This significantly speeds start-up time.
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Upgrading to Entré Version 9.0
Please complete the Pre-Upgrade Checklist (LT-1782) before contacting the Software Support Team in DMP Technical Support at 888-436-832. For additional information, please visité-software.

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