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Future proof your XR100 & XR500 Installations with CDMA and HSPA+Cellular

April 24, 2013

Introducing the New 464-263C & 464-263H Communicators

Plug on cell modules make DMP Panels the best choice for a world of ever changing technology. HSPA+ & CDMA technology delivers the simplicity, the flexibility, the longevity and the coverage options your market area demands.

The XR100 and XR500 panels now support 3G & 4G capable "263" models of digital cellular communicators from AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon.

The 464-263H cell communicator works on whichever network is available in the area, whether 4G, 3G or older 2G, it automatically adapts to the correct network. The 464-263H also uses the existing 263G SIM card with no additional activation fees, which makes it the perfect replacement to update older 263G installations.

The 464-263C CMDA cell communicator is available on the Verizon network and has no SIM card.

DMP Dealers can be rest assured that their installations are up to date with the latest cellular communication technology.

The new communicators include:

  • 464-263H - HSPA+ for AT&T and T-mobile on the XR100/XR500
  • 464-263C - CDMA for Verizon on the XR100/XR500

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