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Lower Pricing on DMP Wireless Access Point

Making Systems Even Easier to Install and More Affordable for All

When your customer changes Internet providers, you’d typically need to send a technician out to reconnect their wireless IP cameras or control panels to their routers. However with SecureCom Video’s Wireless Access Point (WAP), there’s no need to roll a truck to get those devices up and running.

It’s as easy as plugging the WAP into the Wi-Fi router
Whether you’re connecting cameras or control panels to the Internet or installing them for the first time, “It’s a fast and simple plug-and-play process,” says Jon Adams, executive director of Business Development for DMP. “And cutting our current price nearly in half makes this a no-brainer to use on every install.”

When you order the V-IP1006RR WAP, it comes pre-configured for easy set up, so all you have to do is plug in the WAP’s cable into the router. After that, both cameras and Wi-Fi capable DMP control panels automatically pair up. This also allows you to confine all of your installed equipment on a network that’s private from the rest of the customer’s connected devices.

From a service standpoint, Adams says, “It doesn’t get much easier.” Otherwise, to service cameras without a WAP, you’d have to unscrew the back of the camera to get to the WPS button.”

SecureCom WAPs make troubleshooting just as easy
“If a customer is having Internet issues, and they think it’s the cameras, you can ask them to unplug the WAP cable from the router. If they’re still experiencing issues, that means it’s not the cameras, and the customer should plug the cable back in and continue troubleshooting.”

For larger installations, multiple WAPs can be installed. You can also pair non-DMP cameras using the encrypted WPS. And, if the customer’s system supports power over Ethernet (PoE), you can use PoE to power the access point using a POE switch or the included PoE Power Injector.

This WAP is compatible with all SecureCom Video cameras and all DMP Wi-Fi panels, including the new XTLtouch Wi-Fi-only model. For additional details, please refer to the Installation Guide (LT-1440). For pricing information, please log in to to view the Latest Price Notifications and Updates. If you have any additional questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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