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Mark NeSmith Moves to DMP Vice President of Sales

DMP has named Mark NeSmith as Vice President of Sales to oversee all DMP domestic sales.

With over 25 years of experience in both domestic and international markets within the security industry, Mark is perfect to lead DMP efforts as we continue to expand our domestic market penetration.

“Mark is distinguished for his ability to develop solid, long-term relationships with key industry professionals. This will result in positive outcomes for DMP and our customers,” said Rick Britton, company Owner and President. “Mark’s talents and drive will substantially contribute to our successful growth.”

“His passion and love for sales as a profession are infectious. Not only is he professional, but he's also a fierce competitor,” said DMP Director of Sales West, Dave Rogers.

Mark previously joined DMP in 2009 as Vice President of Sales. He moved to Vice President of Global Accounts in 2017. Prior to joining DMP, Mark served as Director of International Sales and Director of North American sales for Tyco Security Products. He is well known for his value-based sales training attended by hundreds of industry professionals in 30 countries.

Mark NeSmith | DMP Vice President of Sales
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