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Multiple Enhancements Releasing in XR v182 Update

More Sensor Activity Zones, Added Features With Z-Wave Plus®, Dual Authority, Tech APP, and More

With the XR v182 release, DMP has updated the XR Series™ control panels to be compatible with Z-Wave Plus. For all of your customers using the XR Series control panel, they’ll now have increased speed, reliability, and greater distance in controlling Z-Wave Plus devices using their Virtual Keypad™ app. Also, customers have the ability to store a back-up copy of all Z-Wave programming.

Other features include:

DMP’s Two Man Rule, now called Dual Authority, has expanded with more options for added flexibility. Dual Authority can now be assigned to Areas AND Profiles. In Area Information you can assign Dual Authority to an Area for use when you ARM or DISARM (which includes Access Control Requests) or ALL of these operations in an area.

Not only can you control specific actions, but in Profiles you now can specify which authorized users need Dual Authority for access or arming/disarming operations. This will help facilitate granularity in assigning who requires Dual Authority, such as a third-party vendor or an individual who provides cleaning services; whereas you may want to require the two-person authorization requirement among other users, such as tellers in a bank. Now, you have the flexibility to specify that. Dual Control is a feature of XR550N and XR550E panels.

Also, as part of this update, DMP’s XR Series allows remote diagnostics from the Tech APP, just like the XT panel does. Now you’ll be able to perform communication testing and walk tests, as well as Z-Wave diagnostics all from the Tech APP. We’re also increasing the sensor activity zones from 10 to 50, giving customers much greater access to their homes and businesses through their Virtual Keypad app.

Please review the instructions available in this Technical Update. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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