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New DMP Touchscreen Keypad End User Training Videos

DMP provides dealers with access to a large library of videos that provide you with valuable information about DMP products and services. Whether you want the inside story about features and benefits or are looking for technical information about how to install, service, or upgrade DMP products, you can find it in the hundreds of videos in the DMP library.

Access the videos from anywhere. In the office? Making a sales call? Working on a technical issue? Just visit Vimeo or Youtube and find the video you need by doing a quick keyword search in our DMP Video library.

Our latest video series features end user training on the 7800/9800 Graphic Touchscreen Keypads. This four video series outlines all the features and functions of the Graphic Touchscreen Keypads in both residential and commercial applications.

We can even customize these videos for your company with your logo and contact information. Contact your Dealer Development Manager today for more information.

The series begins with a short intro video and is followed by Part I, II and III.

  • Part 1: Features a keypad tour explaining the buttons, carousel menu, icons, and weather.
  • Part 2: Explains how to arm/disarm the keypad, the difference between Home/Sleep/Away arming, and other important security functions.
  • Part 3: Explains home automation, Z-Wave devices, Favorites, and adding new users.

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