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SCS-VR Adds Panel Tab Improvements, IPV6 Support

Also Adds IPV6 Support for Outbound Automation

A widespread Internet outage can cause a number of systems to lose their ability to communicate. DMP’s SCS-VR has added a new optional checkbox on the Panels tab, allowing monitoring center personnel to confirm at a glance that all the panels have resumed communications. When the checkbox is selected, the SCS-VR only displays messages for the number of Missing Panels and Substituted Panels. This gives personnel a way to quickly confirm which panels are still not communicating.

IPV6 Support for Outbound Automation
Version 1.4.5 also adds support for monitoring centers who’ve implemented IPV6 for outbound automation. Version 1.4.5 now supports IPV6 and will also continue to support IPV4 addresses.

For details on this and other update features, please review the Feature Update (TU-1059). For information on updating to SCS-VR Version 1.4.5, contact the Software Support Team in DMP Technical Support at 1-888-436-7832.

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