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Due to a recent UL update, SecureCom Wireless Data Rate Plan 410 has been updated to include UL Primary Fire; which means you now pay $9.90 per month when using Cellular Communications as the primary path for communications supervision Check-In time of 60 minutes with the XR150/XR350/XR550 Series Control Panels. Please see the attached Compliance Update for more information on this.

Plan 410 can be used for UL Primary Fire, 60 minute check-in, O/C reports up to 8 areas and Plan 416 can be used for UL Primary Fire, with 5 minute check-in, O/C reports up to 8 areas.

SecureCom Wireless, offers dealers reliable wireless service for DMP cellular technology providing fast, simple, one-step installation. It also opens the door to an amazing set of mobile capability upgrades that offer you additional RMR opportunities including Mobile access via the Virtual Keypad App for Cellular and Network connections.

  • Remote home and office control using Z-Wave technology
  • Add, Change & Delete Users, Manage User Profiles and Schedules within the App
  • Enhanced Video Verification via SecureCom Video
  • CellComSL offers basic arming/disarming via App (as well as video & Z-Wave) to ANY existing panels whether in need of upgraded cell network or new lifestyle features
  • Check out the latest Virtual Keypad App update: Geofencing. For more information go to

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