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Version 211 Now Available for XT Panels

Supports the New 1100T Wireless Translator

Get ready for new XT Series™ panel features for even greater flexibility and efficiencies! With the release of DMP’s new 1100T Wireless Translator, for instance, XT Series panels with Version 211 will allow you to easily upgrade many non-DMP systems with one-way, low-frequency, wireless transmitters to DMP quality.


  • Honeywell 5800 — 345 MHz
  • 2GIG Series — 345 MHz
  • Interlogix — 319.5 MHz
  • DSC — 433 MHz

What does this mean to you?
One 1100T Translator can learn in up to 128 zones. With this one device, therefore, you can continue to use the working transmitters and sensors to send supervision and low battery messages to the panel. Also, the 1100T is compatible with life safety devices and is certified for commercial and residential smoke detection.

With the 1100T, you also have the opportunity to give customers military-grade wireless and the convenience and functionality of Virtual Keypad. All this without increasing installation costs.

Other panel features:

Improved Communications Failover
For faster signal transmission, now panels with cell backup automatically fail over to cell if no network or Wi-Fi link is detected. Previously, on panels with network or Wi-Fi primary and cell backup, the panel attempted three times to connect over network or Wi-Fi before failing over to cell backup. With Version 211, you can ensure much faster signal transmission to the monitoring center and faster push notifications via Virtual Keypad to the end user.

Changed Wireless Audible to Trouble Audible
With Version 211, the Wireless Audible setting in System Options has been renamed to Trouble Audible. All troubles, including wireless, Z-Wave and system troubles, now all follow this setting. This keeps the panel from annunciating troubles during night hours.

Com Series Enhancement
DSC Maxsys CID Capture
COM Series Version 211 now enables the CellCom to correctly capture the CID messages from DSC Maxsys 4020 panels. This ensures full alarm communication directly into the DMP receivers.

Supporting Software Updates:

  • Remote Link Version 2.11 (Coming Soon) – Supports the 1100T Wireless Translator and Changed Wireless Audible to Trouble Audible
  • Tech APP Version 2.14 – Supports the 1100T device type and Competitor Wireless functionality.
  • Dealer Admin 2.55 - Supports the 1100T device type, Competitor Wireless functionality and Trouble Audibles.

For more details about the XT panel firmware, please review the TU-1193 linked here. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

Visit to place an order 24 hours a day.