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Windows-Based Authentication Adds Granular Control of Permissions

Windows-Based Authentication Adds Granular Control of Permissions

Now Connectivity for the SCS-VR Can be Secured With Group Policy

New Windows Authentication Method

Monitoring centers can now connect to their SQL Server databases using their Windows Authentication. With this release, these connections can be set up to securely access their SCS-VR™ service permissions.

What Does This Mean for You and Your Customers?

Windows allows you to create permissions with rules for users within a Group. Using Windows Authentication means monitoring centers can more easily apply those same permissions to control what data the service has access to on the SQL Server. Furthermore, it also gives users the convenience of easily creating a connection assigned to a secured group that already exists.

Improved Failover Processes

Enhancements to both the database and automation failover methods ensure faster recovery times and more efficient signal processing, regardless if using primary or secondary connections.

Improved Language Features

With this release, improvements to the language package have been made to correct certain translation errors seen in Spanish-speaking regions.
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