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X1 Elevator Controller

It’s Never Been This Easy to Manage Elevators as Part of an Access Control System
When your customers need your help to make their elevators more secure, don’t settle for the traditional elevator control products that are confusing to use and difficult to program. What they need is a straightforward solution that’s solely dedicated to elevator control and one that provides them with the industry’s easiest management platform.

Elevator control doesn’t have to be complicated
Elevator control manages who can reach which designated floors in a building — the concept is the same as door control. But to eliminate any chance of confusion, the X1 by DMP is designed with both: Door control and elevator control with completely separate functionality.

What does this mean for you and your customer?
Your customers will never be forced to memorize which doors are actually elevators and which outputs are actually floors! Instead, they’ll have a straightforward way they can fully manage their floors, all through Virtual Keypad. Just like they assign users to certain doors, they simply assign users to elevators in Virtual Keypad’s new Groups tab.

Your customers get the kind of granular control they’ll rely on and enjoy using every day! And for you and your technicians, your work is done in a matter of minutes, even when you’re adding and programming multiple elevators and their floors. Dealer Admin’s new Elevator section allows each elevator and each floor to be labeled according to your customers’ descriptions, so they’ll easily recognize each elevator in the software. Elevator controller options such as the reader protocol and floor relay activation time can all be configured from one screen.

Introducing the Elevator Control Module
At the heart of this solution is DMP’s new X1 Series Elevator Controller, delivering controlled access to 10 floors. You even have the option of providing your customer with a controller that’s connected solely over a cellular communicator. As you may know, the X1 is a cloud-based access controller — a single X1 can support up to nine of these modules for 90 floors of elevator control per X1!

No other access controller comes close to 90 floors of access. Plus, you can support up to 1,000 elevators per site! All this at cost-effective pricing that gives you maximum profit.

While this gives you a solution for all your projects, your customers will appreciate and prefer the X1’s straightforward and intuitive design, as well as the flexibility to manage their systems through Virtual Keypad from anywhere!

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