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X1 Expands with Smarter Security Plus Convenience

Auto-Unlock Suppress, Manager First Rule, Temporary Schedules and More!

Access control doesn’t have to be complicated — but you’d never want to sacrifice real security for convenience. With this release, your X1 customers can have even more of both.

Auto-Unlock Suppress
As you may know, doors can be grouped on the X1 to automatically lock and unlock according to their programmed schedules. Business owners like having that convenience — now you can add an important layer of security they’ll appreciate even more. Until a valid user opens the doors for the first time in that schedule, the doors will remain locked.

Schedules are one of the many ways Virtual Keypad helps you deliver the convenience and security your customers expect from their X1s. If there’s bad weather or any other reason to delay their personnel, this new Auto-Unlock Suppress feature gives your customers the peace of mind knowing their businesses will remain secure.

Manager First
Now the X1 also gives business owners an easy way to specify if a group must first enter a door before other groups. This helps eliminate concerns over employees being in their workplaces without supervision. While it’s a simple option to apply from the Virtual Keypad app or browser, your customers will appreciate knowing they have this flexibility.

Add a Temporary Schedule
On occasion, your customers may need to unlock doors for a specific event or a temporary timeframe. With this release, users can now create temporary schedules on their X1s, allowing them to modify a regular schedule based on a specified beginning and ending time and date.

Displayed DHCP Network Information
In the X1 Connection Settings page, the DHCP network information can now be seen whether or not DHCP is turned on. At a glance, you’ll always know what IP address you’re using, making for quicker troubleshooting.

Your customers can start taking advantage of these new features immediately! Setting them up from Virtual Keypad is easy with little to no training necessary — and with this release, your X1s have been automatically updated.

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