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X1 from DMP

When Customers Ask What Their Access Control Systems Can Do, Now Your Answer Can be “Whatever You Want!”
The next time a customer asks if their lights, locks and any other item they wish can be integrated into their access control system, the answer is yes, all of them — now they can manage these devices using outputs across their entire site. In fact, those outputs can be triggered by any event.

What does this mean to you?
The X1’s outputs are event driven and managed sitewide. This means your customers can easily manage outputs connected to any X1 across their entire site. Using Rules in Virtual Keypad to create “If This, Then That” scenarios, they can easily configure their systems to meet their needs from any mobile phone or browser.

They can change these rules at any time to suit the needs of their business as it expands — all without service calls or your assistance. As always, if your customer does request assistance, you can be there to help them with concierge-level services from Virtual Keypad. No other access control product provides that convenience and ease!

Real-life customer requests:
A door forced open can trigger a notification, a light or any other output — it’s completely up to what your customer wants. For example, if the door is forced open in the warehouse, your customer can create a rule to activate a strobe light in the office, alerting personnel to a potential security breach — even emailing or texting those offsite who need to know. Other real-life applications may include:

  • Access denied at the front door can trigger the NVR or video camera to record a video clip.
  • The first access granted can trigger the Building Management System to turn on lights or activate an HVAC schedule.
  • A non-access control door with an electric strike can be unlocked from a reception button. This method not only unlocks the door but also creates event tracking for auditing purposes.
  • A door propped on the back door turns on an LED light at the front gate guard station.

Introducing the X1 Output Module
At the heart of our solution is the X1’s new Output Module, which delivers the ability to configure up to 10 outputs. A single X1 or X1-8 can support up to nine of these modules allowing it to manage up to 90 additional outputs! Sitewide, you can have up to 1,000 outputs.

To give your customers this kind of flexibility and convenience, simply add the module in Dealer Admin and as soon as your technician has wired it to an X1 and named it, your customer is free to set up and manage all their outputs from Rules in Virtual Keypad. And because it’s fully maintained and stored locally in each X1, your customer can manage any of their systems’ outputs from wherever they are and trust that even in a network outage, their system will still function normally.

The X1 Series not only allows for complete flexibility and ease of use, but it’s also a great way to give your customers a cost-effective solution. Who else can provide you with cloud-managed but locally redundant full access control — and the ability to have cell-only connectivity per door? Only DMP.

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