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XR Series, Communicator Templates & Auto Programming Now Available in Dealer Admin & Tech APP

Faster Installs Have Arrived

Dealer Admin 2.32 and Tech APP 2.4.1 introduce programming templates for the XR Series and universal communicators — previously you’ve only had this convenience with the XT and XTLplus Series. You can create as many templates as you need and simply apply the desired programming settings with one click. Better yet, a new Auto Program System check box allows you to select the desired template for new panels and automatically push all those programming settings to the panel once it’s brought online.

What Does This Mean For You? Faster Installs — Saving Time Means Saving Money
With the Auto Programming System option, someone at the office (or your technician) can set up a system before the technician arrives at the site. While the technician installs the system, it can be programmed as soon as the panel is connected to the network or Wi-Fi or the cell is installed. There’s no need to first bring the panel online before programming — the panel can receive the appropriate programming the minute it’s activated and connected to network or cellular communication.

Now, for every panel we manufacture, you can create a programming template one time — templates can either be panel specific or customer specific. For your commercial customers who use the same panel type in all their stores or locations, this means you can guarantee every one of their systems has the exact same programming options, ensuring consistency and accuracy.

DMP’s Tech APP 2.4.1 also includes programming templates and auto programming, as well as support for multiple doorbells. For more information, please refer to TU-1113. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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