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XR Update Adds Diagnostic Tools for Smarter Troubleshooting
XR Update Adds Diagnostic Tools for Smarter Troubleshooting

Plus Pre-Programming on 711S Expansion Module for Faster Installations

The less time your installers spend programming panels, the quicker they can finish and move on to the next job. Version 213 supports a new way to help you do exactly that — plus take advantage of new panel improvements for smarter troubleshooting.

711S Module Programming Improvement
Coming soon, you’ll be able to program 711S Expansion Modules ahead of time. Rather than programming the devices using rotary switches, you’ll only need to enter a 10-digit serial number in Zone Information. This improvement requires XR Version 213 and 711S Level 102 hardware and Version 107 firmware.

Improved Central Station Test Failure Procedure
Version 213 also lays the groundwork for some exciting new tools coming soon to Dealer Admin. For instance, you’ll soon have a troubleshooting tool that alerts you if a chosen communication path has failed to test with the central station. It won’t be necessary for your central station to send you those notifications. All from one location, you’ll have everything you need, including the ability to run communication tests to verify which, if any, customers you need to contact about required service. You’ll also know whether it’s the cellular or network path that isn’t working properly, so you’ll be prepared to offer customers the kind of proactive service they appreciate and remember.

DHCP Enhancement
Version 213 also adds a troubleshooting tool that allows you to keep the panel set to DHCP but also program what DNS the panel should use. Rather than spending time re-programming the whole panel, now you have the flexibility to temporarily redirect the panel to overcome any DNS issues that may not be resolving.
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