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Wireless Test Improvement for Even Greater Reliability

Version 212 Also Adds Detailed Reporting

Get ready for new panel features making it even easier to give your customers the exceptional service they expect. Now, for instance, your technicians have a more reliable and accurate wireless test to ensure transmitters will continue to function as they should long after they’re installed.

Improved Wireless Test
With this update, DMP’s wireless test is still just as easy for one technician to perform. But because each transmitter is tested multiple times, the comprehensive results more reliably confirm which transmitters are functioning properly.

The test will run for a total of 5 minutes. From the keypad, Tech APP or Dealer Admin, the technician can start the test and automatically each transmitter is tested. To pass, each transmitter has to check in at least three times. If the test indicates that a transmitter has failed, adjustments can be made right then, rather than returning later.

With this improvement, now your technicians have multiple ways to ensure a system is properly communicating. Combined with the Survey LED that’s built into every DMP wireless transmitter, this gives you the kind of reliability you can be sure of.

Improved Event History
With the XR Version 212 update, we’re also giving your customers more details about their systems’ arming and access events. If a user arms a system, Virtual Keypad’s History not only identifies who armed it, but now it also shows whether it happened at the keypad, remotely using the app or from the Virtual Keypad website.

Likewise, when customers need to know how their access control doors have been locked or unlocked, now History provides that information in real time so they’ll be better informed to take the appropriate action.

Network Device Missing Reports

Version 212 also adds the new Network Device Missing Report in Dealer Admin — this makes it easier to provide quick troubleshooting. If a customer calls about an issue with a network device, you can quickly run this report to see if any network type devices are in a missing state. You’ll also see if they’ve been restored.

Running this report from time to time also gives you an opportunity to offer proactive service before your customer calls. Your customers will appreciate your attention and proactive service.

Supporting Software Updates:

For more details about the XR Series panel firmware, please review the update link below or you can go directly to the Product Software Download Page at this link. If you have any questions, please contact DMP Inside Sales at 877-757-4367 or at

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