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XT and Com Series Updates Enhance Visitor Management
XT and Com Series Updates Enhance Visitor Management

Version 213 Also Supports Faster Installations, Plus Communications Diagnostic Improvements

With Version 213, your customers can enjoy even more ways to manage user codes to ensure their premises are secure at all times.

Active/Inactive User Code Capability
When users are on vacation or away from work for an extended time, for instance, now their credentials can be deactivated. As part of an enhanced visitor management solution for the XT and Com Series, this simple programming option guarantees those users can’t enter the premises or disarm the system during their time off from work.

Scheduled Users
With Version 213, the scheduled user programming option is also available for all XT Series panels. Like the XT50, now the XT30 and XTL Series panels allow users to be tied to a specific schedule programmed into the panel. This can be especially handy for commercial customers using the XT30, giving them more power and flexibility to manage users more effectively.

711S Module Programming Improvement
Version 213 also supports a new way to simplify installations. Coming soon, you’ll be able to program 711S Expansion Modules ahead of time. Rather than programming the devices using rotary switches, you’ll only need to enter a 10-digit serial number in Zone Information. This improvement requires Version 213 and 711S Level 102 hardware and Version 107 firmware.

Improved Central Station Test Failure Procedure
Version 213 for the XT and Com Series also lays the groundwork for some exciting new tools coming soon to Dealer Admin. For instance, you’ll soon have a troubleshooting tool that alerts you if a chosen communication path has failed to test with the central station. It won’t be necessary for your central station to send you those notifications. All from one location, you’ll have everything you need, including the ability to run communication tests to verify which, if any, customers you need to contact about required service. You’ll also know whether it’s the cellular or network path that isn’t working properly, so you’ll be prepared to offer customers the kind of proactive service they appreciate and remember.

Com Series: Improved Network Retries for Central Station Communication
If a customer's network connection is temporarily down, your central station no longer has to wait for the next check-in message to receive the panel’s stored messages. Now, the Com Series automatically sends all stored messages immediately to the central station as soon as network is reestablished. For fire systems, in particular, it’s essential for the communicator to send messages immediately.
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