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Your Tools for the 3G Sunset

Now is the Time to Communicate With Your Customers!

If you're like most dealers, the COVID-19 pandemic is a significant hurdle in your 3G upgrade program that kicked into full gear at the first of the year. Make use of this time by communicating with your customers to prepare them for the upgrade.

Don't let Verizon or AT&T take away the features of the alarm system your clients have come to enjoy and expect. The security and convenience of a mobile app with integrated lights, locks and thermostat is just the beginning of the benefits of a fully connected alarm system.

If your customers have older panels installed, now is the time to sell them the upgrades for the latest technology including LTE alarm communication. Refresh their yard signs and window decals. Maybe even renew their contract!

From DMP is a line of print material and a video that you can customize to use on your website or social media.

1. 3G Sunset Video

2. LTE Sales Sheet

3. 3G/LTE Invoice Stuffer
Download the 3G/LTE Invoice Stuffer immediately or customize and order from Marketing Central.

As you know, the 3G Sunset gets closer everyday. We encourage you to use these materials as you need to communicate with your customers about upgrading their cellular communication.

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