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Product Summary | July 1 - 20

Are you Ready for the 3G Sunset?

Verizon will discontinue their cellular network required to operate 3G cellular devices. They’re migrating away from the old telecommunication technology and adopting the faster and more efficient Long-Term Evolution or LTE.

As a result of this shut down, it’s very important your customers with legacy cells know their security systems will stop working. Contact your customers prioritizing cell-only accounts and use the talking points linked below to discuss the urgency in upgrading their systems.

We've created new resources to give you all the tools you might need to upgrade your customers cellular communicators before December 31, 2022. Click here to view the resources we've complied on Marketing Central.

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How to Manage the Personnel List & Add Custom Roles on Dealer Admin™

How to Use Reporting & Analytics on Dealer Admin™

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Registration is now open for Sales Academy - August 2022: Sales Academy is exclusively for DMP Dealers and their sales consultants who sell in the residential and/or commercial space, want to improve their close rate on transactional selling or are looking to sharpen their selling skills.

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Register to see us at GSX in Atlanta: Security demands staying a step ahead. Attending Global Security Exchange (GSX) yearly ensures you never fall behind.

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