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XV-24 with AlarmVision™ turns your customers' cameras into a crime deterrent tool, giving them peace of mind that their property is being actively monitored.

AlarmVision's patent-pending technology seamlessly integrates cameras, analytics and the XR Series™ control panels in one platform to create smart motion detectors that trigger panel responses and alarms in real time.

See What is Possible

AP bring smart analytics to outdoor cameras

As visitors approach your customers’ property automatically turn on lights to deter unwanted guests and let them know this property is protected.

Advanced Analytics can detect the presence of a person, vehicle, or animal after-hours and trigger lights, sounders, and more via panel outputs.

If trespassers enter your customers’ property they will be detected immediately and trigger an alarm; instantly notifying your monitoring center.

Sounders, lights, and remote recordings can all be triggered automatically; letting the intruder know their presence has been detected and authorities have been contacted.

Step-by-step Guide

Bring Advanced Analytics to Existing Cameras

Turn existing cameras into a crime deterrent tool.

AlarmVision allows you to instantly use your customers’ existing cameras by turning them into smart motion detectors when the system is armed.

Monitor events in real-time without having to make changes to existing camera installations.

Provide Video to Panel Events

Include video recordings with panel events.

Provide your customers with the ability to view video of events such as access granted or denied, door propped, arming and disarming, and alarms.

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